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Bob Reynolds is an impressive tenor-saxophonist with an original tone who has gained fame for his work with Snarky Puppy and John Mayer. Hindsight is his seventh CD as a leader and his first studio album leading a classic jazz quartet.

Reynolds was born in Morristown, New Jersey and spent much of his childhood growing up in Jacksonville, Florida. While he was originally interested in film music and becoming a director, once he started playing the alto sax in junior high school (three years later switching to tenor), he became devoted to becoming a musician. Reynolds gained experience playing with much older musicians in the Beaches Preservation Swing Band, worked locally, and earned a degree from Berklee where he had influential lessons from Hal Crook and George Garzone. After moving to New York he performed in a wide variety of styles with many groups including five years with singer-songwriter Jonah Smith and six on which he toured the world with John Mayer. Bob Reynolds, who moved to Los Angeles in 2008, has in recent years been playing, touring and recording with Snarky Puppy; he is featured on We Like It Here.

“My agenda for the CD,” says the saxophonist, “was to use a traditional tenor-piano-acoustic bass-drums quartet and create some unexpected colors and sounds. I sought to create the illusion that this is a larger band than it actually is, as if there were (sometimes) a vocalist and a soloist.” The music on Hindsight was recorded a few years ago. “We recorded too much material,” he admits, “and these performances were put aside until I recently rediscovered them and immediately knew they had to be released.”

Bob Reynolds met pianist Aaron Goldberg when he was attending Berklee. After moving to New York, Joshua Redman re-introduced them at a rehearsal. “Aaron was always very encouraging to me, liked my songs, and was an early mentor of mine. He is one of my favorite piano players, so swinging and such fun to play with. Through him I met bassist Reuben Rogers. Both of those guys have so much joy in their playing in addition to their incredible command of their instruments. They make everyone else play better. At the time of this recording, I was playing with drummer Obed Calvaire in two different bands; he fit in perfectly with Aaron and Reuben. I gravitate towards players who are really steeped in the tradition of blues, swing and bebop and yet are not stuck there, also equally loving funk, soul and r&b. These three musicians are very flexible and have deep vocabularies, but always serve the music.”

Bob Reynolds